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Diane Liska Yoga Therapy

With a passionate and creative spirit, Diane blends her 10 years of experience and skill in the mental health field with the healing properties of yoga to help clients navigate a wide range of personal and mental health challenges. She balances excitement for current neurobiological research with a curiosity and respect for the innate wisdom of the body.  Diane helps individuals reconnect with their own inner resources—a necessary step in cultivating wholeness, resiliency, and a strong mind-body connection. Her clients can expect sensitivity and encouragement while feeling their way through difficult emotional experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

Diane received an Honours Bachelor of Science, with distinction, in the Psychology Specialist program from the University of Toronto in 2008; this included a thesis which evaluated the role of Body Displacement Theory in disordered, restricted and normal eating populations.  In 2011, she completed her Masters of Counselling Psychology with Yorkville University.  Her deepening love of yoga led her to obtain her 200-hour Cross-Disciplinary Yoga Teacher Training with DevaTree in 2015.  She is Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  


Experienced in:

  • Working with individuals, couples and families of all ages

  • Integrative therapy including emotion-focused therapy, somatic psychotherapy, supportive therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy, attachment-focused family therapy, and mindfulness-based practices

  • Post-traumatic stress, eating and body-image issues, stress and anxiety, depression, self-harm,  relationship issues, grief and loss, chronic pain, fertility issues, coping with change/transitional periods, and personal growth

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What do I wear to an appointment?

Please wear comfortable clothing.  Dressing in layers allows you to adjust based on your body temperature, which may fluctuate with periods of movement/stillness.

Do I need any previous yoga experience?

Not at all.  Yoga-informed psychotherapy is appropriate for clients with any level of expertise, from absolute beginners to advanced yoga practitioners.  These sessions are first and foremost counselling; yoga-based techniques are used to complement the counselling session based on your interest and comfort level.

What does an actual session look like?

Typically, in each session we will start with a brief centering exercise of breath practice or guided meditation. We will then move towards a discussion about how you are feeling and what our goal for the session is. Using a combination of traditional talk therapy, breath practice, guided visualization, mindfulness meditation and movements, we will explore the session’s topic to find the strategies that feel best for you to take forward, helping you welcome new insight and lasting change for your life.  You are always in control of your session: you can decide how much or little of any technique feels right for you on any given day.  

Is Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy covered under my benefits?

Some or all of the fee may be covered by your benefits depending on your provider’s coverage of Registered Psychotherapists.  If the fee is not covered or you do not have benefits, services received from a Registered Psychotherapist are an approved medical expense for income tax purposes.  Diane is also an approved service provider with Medavie Blue Cross.



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