Nutritional Grit


Some people are very nutritionally gritty, they continually choose foods that nourish and feed their body while also refraining from eating foods that are not useful to them in this regard. It is not about being paleo, or vegan or gluten free, although, if those eating patterns work for you they may provide a useful frame of reference by which to judge each food choice you make. Most if us, however, face daily (and even momentary) challenges to be nutritionally gritty, especially when accosted with our favorite foods or treats that we know do not resonate well with our bodies and health. Despite being an ND, and having a masters in Nutrition, even then Nutrition Grit doesn't come easy to me, it's always a work in progress.

NUTRITIONAL GRIT is also like a muscle, the more congruent your food choices are with nourishing your body, the stronger you get in your ability to continually make those choices at every meal. By making these choices you will feel great, vibrant, and light in body, mind and spirit TODAY. In the long game, our health is built on the procurement of our daily habits; by practicing a life of nutritional grit you will building THE most important foundation of lifelong health.

This is a practice. You will not always be nutritionally gritty, you will face meals, days, weeks or periods of your life where your grit fails. You will face a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream on the very day that your grit has worn out. That's ok. There will also be times when you consciously decide to leave the ring and let the grit go; a glass of wine and yummy treats with your friends is also a good choice on occasion. But just like the resolve to put your running shoes on when it's the last thing you want to do, each mile becomes easier, freeing, addictive and satisfying. 

The more you exercise nutritional grit the more confident you become in your choices, the more you want to be gritty, and in turn your body will thank you and will reinforce these choices in wonderful ways, every single time. Grit in one area of your life also spills over to others, the more you make decisions that align with your goals, the more confident you are in making similar gritty decisions in other areas of your life. 

If you don't know what choices you should be making, then find someone to help you (hint hint). But really, most of us know what we should be doing, or at least know a place to start. So go do that. 

This does not come from a place of deprivation, rigidity or punishment, not even close. It comes from a mindset and spirit of exuberant respect for your amazing body and the importance of treating it with reverence and compassion. It comes from love. You are worth it. Go get Gritty!

Love Dr. Kara