Cycle Connection


Your cycle:

I have the honour of speaking to many women in my practice, which includes discussing their menstrual cycles. Unfortunately for many women, and for our society in general, we refer to our periods as something to suffer through, as an annoyance, burden, or "curse" that brings both physical pain and mental/emotional instability. Often it does. But it doesn't have to.

What if we took the opportunity to understand that something is out of balance, the opportunity to listen to our bodies. The opportunity to make the changes necessary (nutritional, mental/emotional, relationship, lifestyle, spiritual etc) to improve our health and our cycles. What if you/we could celebrate one of the most powerful, sacred, and beautiful aspects of being a woman.

Let me tell you, when you reach that balance you actually enjoy the monthly ebb and flow. You can celebrate the times of the month that are about connection, sexuality, creativity, motivation and energy. You can embrace the darker times that are about drawing inward, introspection and even pain.

I'm not suggesting you suffer with menstrual problems, I'm saying to listen. The first step is to simply pay attention, beyond the numerical stats of your period app. How do you feel at each natural phase? Create the space to connect to your body, because it's talking to you.

Then, if you need it, I would love to help you.

Dr. Kara