Hey Mama Bear


Hey Mama Bear,

You look like you’ve got it figured out; kids snacks packed in bento boxes, ponytails kinda straight, and yesterday’s trip to the park posted on facebook.  By the end of the day, supper is made, lunch needs packed, a load of laundry started and get the kids to bed. You’ve got peanut butter fingerprints on your jeans about mid-thigh, you’ve not shaved your legs in a week.

We don’t talk about the loneliness that can set in during some long days with the kids, or juggling many hats of mom, wife, career. You’re exhausted and have given so much of yourself today.

“They” tell us to be present, kids grow up too fast, and to cherish every minute. It’s true, and we try. But some days are grueling. This parenting gig is harder than we ever could have imagined.

Don’t get me wrong, there are profoundly fun and joyous moments too. Much like the pain of childbirth, those exhaustive and crappy days can be wiped clean in an instant with one running hug or a spontaneous family dance party.

You may long for getting “you” back, and the distant memory of dreams, pursuits, and ambitions you once had. It seems like an impossible task. You may feel like you’ve aged 10 years in the last 5.  And while you wear your stretch marks like a badge of honour, looking in the mirror isn’t quite what it was before. While you’re trying to do a good job feeding healthy food to your kids, your lunch often looks like eating up the kids' scraps at the kitchen counter while moving to the next task.

We share humorous e-cards and remarks about needing a glass of wine (or three) and eating all the leftover Halloween candy. It’s true, some junk food and a few episodes of The Bachelor is fairly good medicine some nights. Because when you’re in the mom rut, some days (or perhaps most days) even the thought of exercising and eating healthy is just too exhausting. There simply is no time. It will have to wait.

But here’s the thing Mama:

YOU and YOUR health matter more than ever.
Your kids, family, and mostly YOU deserve that BEST version of YOU.

You’re stuck in a rut. You’re eating junk. You’re not exercising. Sex drive is dismal. You’re not learning, creating, or pursuing those things which light YOU up. 

Mom to Mom, we all get it! 

We talk about “growth” versus “fixed” mindset for our kids. What if we applied to for ourselves?


Every day be dedicated to making decisions that create a better, happier and healthier you. A little bit of momentum will gather with each change, and believe me, it will quickly snowball into more energy, more passion, more momentum and better relationships with your kids, partner, coworkers, and friends.

You’ve got it! YOU dig deep for your family Now is time to show up for yourself. It's time to ignite YOUR spark. 


You may not be ready. And if this is making you angry, then likely you’re not. It’s ok, just let it brew, come back in a week, month, a year when you are. 

When you decide to Improve your lifestyle habits (nourishing, moving your body, recharging with true self-care), you realize YOU have the power to change your health. You gain more energy, better mood, happy hormone cycles, lighter digestion, and even a luscious sex drive.

Just start. You know what changes you need to make. Start there. It doesn't have to be the perfect plan. TAKE ACTION. That is both your responsibility AND your power. 

And if you see a fellow mom in the trenches, support her. Go for a walk, cook some healthy meals together, talk about shit that matters.  MOM-UP together. 

If you do need help, then let me help you!  That is what lights ME up.

Love Dr. Kara